Tours about the life of young girls and women in Cambodia

A trip that brings you closer to the life of young girls and women in Cambodia – we make that possible.
The first thing that catches the eye of those interested in Cambodia are the graceful depictions of the Khmer Apsara in the reliefs of Angkor Wat and many other temples. We roam through many themes of today’s life of Cambodian girls and women. The stops on such a journey may include:
– a school where girls learn the traditional art of Apsara dances
– a rural elementary school where girls and boys learn together
– Women in rural handicrafts: silk weaving, silversmithing, pottery and ceramics
– the Don Bosco Vocational Training Center for Girls
– a Cambodian women’s organization that presents projects for poor and disadvantaged women.

We know these stations from our many years of experience and our involvement in various projects for women and young girls. We have accompanied some of them for years and are still in contact with them many years later. So they provide authentic insights into the lives of women and young girls in Cambodia.

Since such trips usually take place in combination with the classic travel destinations of Angkor and have to be individually adapted, we do not specify an exact itinerary here. Please write to us and we can talk about your trip.