The ultimate Angkor experience
A gala dinner with cultural program in Angkor

Even well-known travel gurus, long-term tour guides, and the richest of the richest on earth from different countries have described the evening gala dinner we organized in an Angkor temple as one of the most beautiful experiences of your travel life. There were tears in one or the other’s eyes.

The nocturnal illumination of an Angkor temple, surrounded by trees that partly tower over the temple, is indescribable. Beautiful Apsara dancers perform at the temple’s windows.

Festively laid tables and a wonderful buffet, with a choice of European or Asian dishes, await the guests. The way to the temple leads along a path lined with torches. The hour-long program consists of Ramayana dances, the incomparable Cambodian Apsara dances and Khmer folkloric dances. A group of musicians with traditional instruments accompanies this show.

Gala dinners at Siem Reap Temples require long-term registration and approval from Apsara Authorities. The basic fee is at least US$8,000 and has steadily increased in recent years. However, gala dinners are also possible in other regions such as the temples of Banteay Chhmar or Sambor Prei Kuk and are much cheaper there.