Elephant experience in Cambodia


According to different sources there are currently about 200-300 wild elephants living in Cambodia. During the first scientific survey made in 2001 there were 400-600 elephants. The years before their population had been estimated at around 2,000. It seems that elephants have been hunted for ivory but also have been killed by landmines in the forest.
There are a smaller number of domesticated elephants traditionally owned by the Phnong minority. But the tradition of elephant catching, training and handling skills is fading and the number of domesticated elephants could become very insignificant over the next 1-2 decades.

There are different sites and ways
to meet elephants in Cambodia


Guests can take short elephant ride around the City’s landmark – Wat Phnom pagoda hill (10 min.). This can be added to our tour programme in Phnom Penh on day one.



Day four of our Ratanakiri tour includes elephant trekking at Ou Katieng (60-90 min.).



A full day elephant trekking is part of our tour in Mondulkiri tour. Day two of the tour is a visit to Pou Lung, a minority village of the Phnong tribe. There we start a full day elephant trekking with stopover at minorities villages and O’Ranna waterfall. Time for watching elephants showering and swimming.

An Elephant Sanctuary had been set up in 2013 based on an agreement with the Bunong ethnic minority from the Putang and the Orang Village villages near provincial capital Sen Monorom. The elephant sanctuary aims to prevent further logging in a large area of beautiful forest.
You can book with us a 1 full day tour (or 2 days with overnight in a jungle lodge with hammocks). Departure from Sen Monorom City.

The Elephant Valley Mondulkiri was set up in 2006. The Founder of the project, Jack Highwood, described it as follows:
“The Elephant Valley Project is a bit of an abstract experience, you walk off into the elephant’s natural habitat and watch them being elephants. There is no riding, no tricks, no shows, just elephants being elephants in their own natural space. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?”

The site offers a volunteer programme. You can find more information at www.elephantvalleyproject.org
This website also gives a good overview about how elephants could become a part of tourism and how they should not be used for tourism!!

A one day or longer trip with accommodation in jungle bungalows can be booked with us. Departure from Sen Monorom City.


An elephant ride at Angkor can be added to all our tours at Angkor in Siem Reap province. Below is the schedule:

*In the morning (around 15-20mn for one way each)
– South Gate to Bayon temple 8:15am (20$/person)
– Around Bayon Temple 9:00-10:15am (20$/person)
– Bayon to South Gate 10:15am.To 10:20am (20$/person)

*In the evening start from 03:15pm to 5:00pm (around 15-20mn for one way each)
– Up and Down Bakheng Mountain for sunset (40$/person)
– Up Bakheng only (25$/person)
– Down Bakheng only (20$/person)
– South Gate to Bayon (25$/person)
– Around Bayon (25$/person)
– Around South gate (20$/person)

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