Kampot pepper is probaly one of the best peppers in the world. The cultivation area in the Kampot province of the same name has the “Protected Geographical Indication” certificate. Therefore, only the pepper from the area of ​​the Kampot Pepper Association may call itself Original Kampot Pepper.

Pepper cultivation has a centuries-old tradition in Cambodia, which goes back to the great civilization of the kings of Angkor. According to the writings of the Chinese diplomat Zhou Daguan, who traveled to the Angkor Empire in the early 13th century, pepper was already being cultivated in Cambodia at that time.

Various pepper plantations are just 30 minutes drive from Kep beach, 15 minutes from Kep town, and 45 minutes from Kampot town.

Some pepper plantations are open to tourists and even offer overnight stays, such as Sothy’s Pepper Farm ( If you don’t want to travel there, you can also order the original pepper from Kampoot in Europe and have it delivered, for example on the website

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