Cambodian Beautiful Beaches – Sihanoukville, Kampot, Kep and Surroundings

Sihanoukville, with its excellent beaches and offshore islands has always been a hidden pearl, neither given any publicity by the competing neighbours nor really known to many tourist agents. There are only a couple rainy weeks – from late August to the end of September (seldom longer than 2-3 hours a day). The sea water is always clear and has pleasant temperature all year round. The beaches are miles and miles of white sand. There are neither storms nor typhoons to rough the sea. It’s an ideal resort for families with children because the water is shallow at almost all the beaches. Another important fact is that there are still no crowds there, and sometimes you might find yourself – in the literal sense of the word – alone on the beach. Most of the offshore islands are not inhabited, and it takes 30-90 minutes by an excursion boat to get to them.

Our recommendations
– Sihanoukville (its old name Kampong Som is still in use): beach holiday, island trips
– Kampot (day trip with departure from Sihanoukville; optional overnights): pepper plantations, caves, eco-system of Bokor mountain
– Kep: beach holiday (day trip from Sihanoukville; optional overnights)
– Ream National Park (half day trip from Sihanoukville)