Rainforest Wildlife
and Bunong Culture

Spend your days trekking through lush, mixed evergreen forest on the hunt for endangered primates and unique forest wildlife; visit spectacular remote waterfalls or community farms and sample local Bunong food cooked fresh in the forest. Then relax in our open bamboo lounge watching the sun go down and enjoying Khmer/Bunong cuisine prepared by the community, before sleeping to the sounds of the jungle.

Our tours are tailor-made – the itineraries shown are suggestions based on our deep knowledge, or we can work with you to create your trip for your unique requirements, interests, and capabilities.

Jahoo Gibbon Camp and Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary

Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary and the area around our Jahoo Gibbon Camp in the core of the sanctuary (approx. 2000 square kilometers) is one of our most unique birding and wildlife sites. The comfortable tented safari, camp deep in the forest, with its bamboo lounge and delicious Khmer/Bunong food is an experience not to be missed.
With an incredible diversity of evergreen, semi-evergreen, mixed deciduous, dry dipteropcarp and bamboo comes a remarkable diversity of birds and animals – of which 334 bird species, 93 mammals and 60 reptiles and amphibians have been recorded.

For birders

For birders – key species such as Germains Peacock Pheasant, Green Peafowl, Siamese Fireback, Great Hornbill, Orange-necked Partidge and one of the largest concentrations of woodpeckers in the world with 16 species recorded on SVC trips including; White-bellied, Heart-spotted, Black and buff, Great Slaty as well as the Pale-capped Woodpecker. We are currently developing feeding stations around the camp to encourage elusive forest jewels such as Blue and Bar-bellied Pittas.

For wildlife lovers KSWS

For wildlife lovers KSWS hosts the largest population of Black-shanked Douc Langurs in the world reckoned to be in excess of 40,000. The camp itself is part of a key conservation project with WCS and the indigenous Bunong to protect Yellow-cheeked Crested Gibbons – and early walks with the Gibbon Research team are a highlight of trips, Pig-tailed & Long-tailed Macaques and Germains Silvered Langurs are also present. Pygmy Loris and Small-toothed Palm Civets are seen on night walks. The bamboo is also a feeding ground for Asian Elephants. Gaur and Banteng have been spotted by SVC groups and Eld’s Deer and Sambar have been recorded in the forest – but we make no promises!
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Picking you up in Sen Monorom at 6:30am, we drive 45 minutes to our rainforest safari camp for breakfast. The Jahoo Gibbon Camp is a responsible tourism and conservation project, giving you a completely unique opportunity to trek deep into the core of Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary. The area is part of key conservation and species monitoring by WCS and the indigenous Bunong community.
We will spend the whole day trekking through this stunning rainforest habitat, tracking endangered Black-shanked Doucs, Gibbons, Elephants, Banteng and other endangered species. We can chose routes based on fitness and interests – stopping at butterfly-filled waterfalls where you can swim at some times of the year, discovering Bunong Spirit Trees, farms and stories. Lunch is in the forest on traditional Bunong ‘Bamboo Soup’, made in bamboo over the fire, before heading back to the camp by 4:30 to relax over sundowners and watch the wildlife from our Bamboo Lounge. In the evening, feast on traditional Bunong and Khmer food, whilst learning about traditional culture and games. Have dinner with the guides and hear some of the traditional stories of the community, be lulled to sleep in your Safari style tent, and wake early to begin another day in the forest. Extending the length of the trip will increase your chances of seeing the more elusive species, and offers the unforgettable experience of a night at Jahoo Gibbon Camp.
Rising before dawn we head out to the key Gibbon Area, with the WCS Bunong Gibbon Researchers on the hunt for these elusive critically endangered primates and other rare wildlife. This is a relatively short trek, close to the camp, moving quickly and quietly. We breakfast in the forest, returning to the Camp for lunch. After lunch we head out again on different routes, for a short trek into the forest and Bunong farms to see an incredible variety of butterflies, wildlife and bird watching for rare species such as Bar-Bellied Pitta and Germain’s Peacock Pheasant. We return you to your Sen Monorom hotel at about 5pm.

Price per person included

Transport in 4×4 aircon, MoE ticket
Accommodation, all food and water
SVC specialist guide, Local Bunong forest guides
Conservation Contribution and all services at the community


1 person


2 persons


3 persons


4/5 persons


6/7 persons


8 persons

Price not included

Beers/sodas which can be bought at the camp, and tips.

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